When you’re hard at work running your business, it can be difficult to step back and review what you want to achieve and take the right steps to make improvements.

“It’s not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are”
– Roy E Disney

Valuing Your Business

Our independent and robust valuation process is aimed at delivering to business owners a clear understanding of the value of their business. We provide an independent robust valuation process aimed at delivering to business owners a clear understanding of the value of their business.

Our approach typically is to utilise the historical and forecast financial information for the business to determine its maintainable revenue position. Additionally, we undertake an analysis of the operational capability of the business to determine the relative risk of the enterprise which enables us to determine an appropriate capitalisation of the revenue. We can often overlay, or provide separately, a Net Asset valuation of the business assets to determine whether the shareholders are receiving an effective rate of return on the assets employed.

Why you may need your business valued?

A valuation of a business is required for a multitude of reasons.  The key reasons are detailed here in this booklet.


How we help you determine the true value of your business, with a thorough and up to date business valuation.


Our indicative valuation will articulate the most appropriate valuation approach and methodology based on the circumstances and the objectives of the valuation. Indicative valuations can assist guide discussions and decision making in relation to sales, CGT, assist splits, insurance cover and more.


A formal valuation is often required to satisfy transfer values used for asset transfers between related parties but may also be required under shareholder, unitholder or partnership agreements, separating agreements or mediation. Our formal valuations meet the valuation requirements outlined by the ATO.

Valuation Improvement Program (VIP)

Our VIP assists business owners understand the drivers of value, identify the components within those drivers they are able to influence to drive a better outcome and then define targeted initiatives that aim to capture the identified value. During this process we assess the businesses capabilities and capacity.

Bob and the Seaview team not only assisted us in providing a dynamic valuation model, but also enabled us to better appreciate key business elements driving value within the wealth management industry.

Ben Devenish
Vantage Wealth