“Bridging the Gap”

The challenge facing growing businesses

Our consultants support you to evolve from an entrepreneur with a deep set of technical skills to a CEO who oversees all business functions. Through structured change programs, we will help you take this ‘leap of faith’ in attitude, skills and governance so your business can move to the next level without excessive strain on staffing relationships, family life and your business reputation.

A strong framework is essential for business seeking growth and scalability. It provides clarity and direction through strategic planning, aligns resources effectively, and fosters collaboration. With a structured roadmap, business can set realistic goals, allocate resources wisely, and enhance their chances of successful expansion.
Seaview can help you implement your strategy and Bridge the Gap.

Bridge the Gap in Strategy Execution

Business success hinges on effective strategy execution.
While a well-crafted strategy sets the direction, it is execution that transforms plans into tangible outcomes. It requires strong leadership, clear communication, and relentless focus, driving results and enabling sustainable growth.

Strategy X Implementation

Get control of your business before it controls you.

Obtaining complete visibility over every part of the business lets you focus on what’s important.

Use the StrategyX platform to capture your strategy and then maintain visibility & control.

Seaview is an authorised implementer of the StrategyX platform.

Book a call with us to discuss how this will elevate your business operations and performance.

Strategic Execution

How we help you align your team to constantly focus on the Strategic Plan. Elements required for successful execution of strategy by management and team members: Communication, Live Plan, Measurable, Resourced, Project Management, Tracking


Seaview critiques your existing strategic efforts to our proprietary 6C and F3 methodologies that assist business owners identify the weaknesses in their execution framework ie. direction, communication, people, process, systems or plans.


Our structured approach to building a strategy is based on global best practice principles that moves through the three stages of a successful strategic planning. Stage 1 Research & Thinking, Stage 2 Prioritisation & selection of strategic initiatives & Stage 3 Constructing integrated execution plans addressing what, who, when and how.


In addition to providing regular industry updates and commentary on business trends, by participating in regular meetings Seaview can assist monitoring progress and hold the team accountable to their strategic commitments and assist identifying solutions to barriers preventing stated goals from being achieved.

David’s insight and technical skills, combined with his commercial and practical operational experience, have been invaluable in assisting us in establishing effective and scalable business practices.

Geoff Counsel