In business, we have two Jobs…

In business, we have two Jobs…

Build an Economic Castle AND an even bigger MOAT around it!

A MOAT is your ability to control business risks. 

Here are some risks you might want to consider:

Regulatory risk: Businesses may face regulatory hurdles, such as obtaining necessary licenses or navigating complex laws and regulations. Stay abreast of potential changes.

Market risk: The business may not be able to find a market for its products or services, or the market may be smaller than expected. Consider changing market conditions and drivers for the change.

Competition risk: Businesses may face intense competition from established companies and new startups, making it difficult to capture market share. Ensure your value proposition remains relevant and is priced appropriately.

Financial risk: Maintain adequate cash reserves and understanding your businesses cash cycle and working capital needs is essential. Businesses may face difficulties in securing funding especially on short notice, so effective management is essential. Remember profit is not cash, profit takes time to become available cash, understand your cash cycle.

Technology risk: Staying abreast of the technology changes and the impact on your value proposition is essential. Avoid the temptation of following the next technology fad. Partner with experts to stay abreast of this fast changing and critical component of business. Manage data and processes and develop a culture of accepting change and continuous learning.

Execution risk: The business need to allocate tasks and responsibilities to individuals to deliver the strategic initiatives (opportunities) identified. A commitment to a consistent execution tool is essential. Contact Seaview to be introduced to affordable, dedicated strategy execution tool to ensure the allocation and management or strategic initiatives and operational requirements of the business.

Talent risk: Securing and retaining productive people is essential. The business may have difficulty attracting and retaining talented employees, which can impact its ability to grow and succeed. Identify ways to offer an attractive environment for staff to develop and succeed. Engage in open and transparent conversations to achieve mutual success.

Security risk: Businesses may face security risks, such as data breaches or cyberattacks, which can harm the company’s reputation and customer trust. Maintaining digital security in a modern business with remote access from multiple and mobile devices requires assistance from experts and an education program for staff and customers.

Integration risk: To achieve efficiency and remain competitive requires systems and processes to be integrated and seamless. The business may not integrate well with other software within the business and used by the customer. This friction can reduce its value proposition and the prospects of the business.

Dependence on third-party infrastructure: SaaS startups may be dependent on third-party infrastructure, such as cloud providers, which can impact the reliability and scalability of their service.

Customer acquisition risk: The business may face challenges in acquiring customers, especially if they are competing in a crowded market with well-established competitors.

Pricing risk: The business may struggle to find the right pricing model, which can impact its ability to generate revenue and maintain profitability.

Churn risk: The business may face high customer churn, which can be costly and impact its ability to grow.

Do you need some help managing these risks in your business?

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