Business Acquisition

Acquiring a competitor or partner can be a critical step in your business journey but it is essential you have the support of someone experienced in this area so you can make the right decisions.

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”
– Warren Buffet

Seaview Consulting is able to stress-test your own financial assessments and provide guidance on the “value to you’ of the target business with pre and post profit analysis.

Understanding the depth of synergies and how the businesses would meld together is key to assessing a suitable acquisition price. We take a thorough, detailed approach so every requirement is taken care of and you are fully informed as you move forward as a larger entity.

Seaview Consulting will help you work out what sort of acquisition is right for your business and support you end-to-end through the process. Having an advocate with experience on both sides of transactions will put you in control of the situation and keep your business on the right path.

The acquisition process has a number of key elements:

  • Determine strategic direction for the business
  • Determine the characteristics that the potential acquisition needs to possess
  • Be clear as to the funding capabilities and strategy ie, debt / equity
  • Determine the value of an acquisition to the business eg, synergy options
  • When potential target identified assess against ‘fit’ characteristics
  • Conduct due diligence
  • Documentation of Terms of Offer / Heads of Agreement
  • Brief lawyers regarding documentation
  • Develop and implement an appropriate transition plan
  • Having support to assess the motives, choice and value of any acquisition
    will put you at a significant advantage.

Thinking of Acquisition and need to know what to do in preparation?

Acquisition Support

How we help you in business selection, acquisition and integration for successful growth.

Understand the why and what of acquisition. An acquisition is first about self analysis and understanding your own strengths & weaknesses before identify attributes of a target and who to assess valuells that result in acquisitions failing.

Assess opportunity, Bid structure and Due diligence support. Seaview can assist critique an opportunity to ensure it meets your requirements, assistance structure a competitive bid and support in detail due diligence of the target.

Commercial negotiations and transition planning and support. Seaview can provide commercial guidance in deal structure, terms, and pricing as well as assisting with transition plans, by identifying issues, critique plans and short-term resource support at transition.

What People Are Saying

John Cockle

Financial Foundations

“Bob was really good in finding potential suitors that were happy to be silent partners and grow with our business”

John Cockle