Strategic Thinking
and Planning

As a business owner, are you struggling to convert a technical skill set into a robust business, remove barriers to growth, understand the right path for your business or cement your business legacy? Seaview Consulting can support you to realise the most appropriate strategy as you work towards your goals.

“Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them”
– Henry Ford

The services we provide cover the needs of business owners and businesses at all stages and of every size. When you work with us, you’ll access tailored solutions that are purpose-designed to drive growth and success at both a personal and business level. Strategic insights are best delivered by advisers who are removed from the day-to-day issues, with broad knowledge what best-practice is on governance and structure matters.

The key to a successful business is the Strategic Plan. Avoid the pitfalls during planning to help success with execution.

Strategic Decision Making

A mark of successful businesses is their ability to envisage their future and to commit to a course of action to make this a reality. However, this is easier said than done.

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” – John F. Kennedy

Many business principals fall into the trap of focusing on the day to day issues instead of their longer-term strategy. This may allow the business to drift along, but often it is on a journey from crisis to crisis.
Having a strategic perspective will ensure you are able to focus on the future while managing the present. With our help, you get the perspective and input of someone who has extensive business experience and can take a broad look that helps you create a long-term plan for growth.

Strategic Thinking

How our managerial and business owners experience translates into helping you develop your strategy.

Review Existing Strategy

Seaview can critique your existing strategic plan to ensure it captures both internal & external matters impacting the industry and your business. Identify opportunities for improvement and challenge your execution capabilities and timelines.

Build Strategy

A structured strategy formulation process that moves through the three stages of a successful strategic plan. Stage 1 Research & Thinking, Stage 2 Prioritisation & selection of strategic initiatives & Stage 3 Strategic Execution Plans addressing what, who, when and how.

Board of Advice

In addition to providing regular industry updates and commentary on business trends, by participating in regular meetings Seaview can assist monitoring progress and hold the team accountable to their strategic commitments and assist identifying solutions to barriers preventing stated goals from being achieved.

I have known Bob Neill from Seaview Consulting for over 10 years. Seaview have been very supportive over the years with solid comprehensive guidance and have assisted a number of businesses from the BT Principal’s Community with detailed succession planning, acquisitions and mergers.
Bob is a clear communicator, very thorough with his ‘fingers on the pulse’ of the advice industry and always willing to share his insights and knowledge.

Kon Costas