Succession: “The process of transferring ownership in a planned and structured manner that meets the economic, environmental and philosophical objectives of the participants.” Without question, one of the most challenging issues confronting business owners today is how to deal with transition of business ownership.

“If today were the last day of your life, would you want to do what you are about to do today?”
– Steve Jobs

While many owners desire a business legacy, a future for key staff and an easing into retirement, the reality is often very different if preparation is poor and events overtake planning. Beginning with establishing both your personal and business goals to guide future direction, our five-step advisory process aims to make your business more robust, attractive and to secure sales of equity on your terms.

Planning for internal succession is critical for a business’s continuity. Key areas to consider are: aligning with the owner’s goals, determining the right timing, assessing business valuations, exploring funding options, evaluating internal capabilities, ensuring thorough documentation, and developing a comprehensive transition plan. By addressing these aspects, a smooth and successful transfer of leadership can be achieved.

Businesses have a variety of options for Succession Planning. The key to being done successfully is planning ahead.

Critical to any business succession planning is timing. Click here to find out why timing is so essential, plus more to understand how you can plan your business succession.

Succession Plan

How we help you smoothly plan your business and personal future.

Awareness and Understanding

Seaview provide a detail educational program to highlight the components of succession impacting the business owner as well as the

Plan Development

Our structure program will identify the critical personal and financial outcomes the business owner is aiming to achieve within a specified timeline. Our detail modeling will demonstrate the financial potential and commitment for internal succession options as well as a potential value for an external sale.

Implementation Assistance

Succession is a journey not an event. Being constantly prepared is critical. Whether there is a commitment to an internal or external succession there are a range of preparatory factors to occur before the business is ready to transfer. Furthermore, unplanned events also need to be planned for and being prepared for these, especially in distressing circumstances is critical.

I have known Bob Neill from Seaview Consulting for over 10 years. Seaview have been very supportive over the years with solid comprehensive guidance and have assisted a number of businesses from the BT Principal’s Community with detailed succession planning, acquisitions and mergers.
Bob is a clear communicator, very thorough with his ‘fingers on the pulse’ of the advice industry and always willing to share his insights and knowledge.

Kon Costas