Succession Planning

Succession: “The process of transferring ownership in a planned and structured manner that meets the economic, environmental and philosophical objectives of the participants.” Without question, one of the most challenging issues confronting business owners today is how to deal with transition of business ownership.

“If today were the last day of your life, would you want to do what you are about to do today?”
– Steve Jobs

While many owners desire a business legacy, a future for key staff and an easing into retirement, the reality is often very different if preparation is poor and events overtake planning. Beginning with establishing both your personal and business goals to guide future direction, our five-step advisory process aims to make your business more robust, attractive and to secure sales of equity on your terms.

Internal Succession

A critical component of the succession planning advice we share is to properly explore the potential to transfer business ownership to existing key staff. This ‘Internal Succession’ arrangement suits many business owners who would prefer not to take the business to market.

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The benefits of a handover rather than a sale?

Instead of selling to an external party, business owners report that they:

  • Value the opportunity to reward key staff
  • Have more control over their own migration from the business
  • Experience strong business growth with engaged equity partners
  • Find it easier to protect their business legacy
  • Are able to plan their retirement better with earlier releases of capital and a defined stream of payments

We will explore the various issues involved with an internal succession with you, before taking a staged approach which requires careful planning and coordination.

Succession Planning - Putting you in control
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I have known Bob Neill from Seaview Consulting for over 10 years.  Seaview have been very supportive over the years with solid comprehensive guidance and have assisted a number of businesses from the BT Principal’s Community with detailed succession planning, acquisitions and mergers.

Bob is a clear communicator, very thorough with his ‘fingers on the pulse’ of the advice industry and always willing to share his insights and knowledge.

Kon Costas

Head of BT Principal's Community

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